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Distribution of Homestead Land Under Vasundhara Scheme

The management of land and its distribution to the needy persons are the foremost responsibilities of the Revenue & Disaster Management Department. Government land upto the extent of four decimals was being provided free of premium to each homesteadless family for house site purpose since 1974-75. The maximum extent of land to be distributed has been enhanced to Ac. 0.10 decimals vide Revenue & D.M. Department letter No. 28733 dated 3.7.2008. Vigorous attempts are being made from the highest level of Government down to the field level to expedite the implementation of this important work. This system is being governed under the provisions of Odisha Government Land Settlement Act, 1962 and the Rules, 1983.

All Collectors were requested to take up survey of homesteadless families vide Letter No. 2277/R dtd. 15.01.2004. According to the enumeration conducted in the year 2004-05, as many as 2,49,334 homesteadless families were there in the State. Out of these 2,29,885 number of homesteadless families have been provided with homestead land during three years i.e. 2005-08.

The ceiling of annual income for homesteadless and landless persons has been enhanced from Rs 15,000 to Rs 24,000 vide notification no. 12940, 12944, 12948, 12952 and 12956 dtd. 22.03.2011 of Government in Revenue and DM Department. All Collectors were again impressed upon to take up a fresh survey on a campaign mode to enumerate homesteadless families of the State vide Letter No. 18923/R&DM dtd. 03.05.2011. It is revealed from Survey Report that there were 1,49,266 number of homesteadless families in the State as on 31.03.2012 out of which 1,15,827 number of homesteadless families have been distributed with homestead land as on 30.04.2013.