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Who's Who

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Who's Who

Sr. No. Title Designation Jobs Allotted
1 Shri Satyabrata Sahu, IAS Additional Chief Secretary

Overall Supervision Of The Department

2 Mr. Shubham Saxena, IAS Director

Directorate of Minor Mineral

3 Shri Sashadhar Nayak, IAS Additional Secretary

DILRMP, Co-ordination (A&B), R&R, Census, RTI, Special Cell, CH&S, LR (A & B), REM, ISB&DR, Legal Cell, DP and Nodal Officer, ORTPS

4 Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Das, OAS (SS) Special Secretary

Confidential, GOE(A&B), Minor Mineral & Sairat And Chief Vigilance Officer

5 Ms. Susamarani Devi, IAS Additional Secretary

NGE (A, B & C), Registration

6 Mr. Avaya Kumar Nayak, OAS (SS) Special Secretary

LR&GE (A, B & C), and LA (A, B &C)

7 Shri Bibekananda Bhoi, OFS (SS) F.A.-cum-Special Secretary

Accounts (A&b) With Cash Unit, Audit Cell, Budget (A&b) And Fa Cell

8 Smt. Ranjita Rath, OSS Additional Secretary

Legal Cell, RTI and First Appellate Authority  

9 Ms. Debajani Dhal, OAS (S) Joint Secretary


10 Mr. Amiya Kumar Sahoo, OAS (S) Joint Secretary

DILRMP, CH&S, Disciplinary Proceeding, LR(A&B), Minor Mineral & Sairat

11 Shri Prakash Chandra Barik Joint Secretary

Co-Ordination (A & B), RTI And First Appellate Authority

12 Smt. Ellora Samal Joint Secretary

LA (A, B &C) And LR&GE (A & B) and All Inter Departmental Meeting Related To LA, CCI-PMG, Pragati, SPMG

13 Mrs. Rajalaxmi Nayak AFA-cum-Deputy Secretary

Budget (A & B), F.A. Cell And  Audit

14 Mr. Dharanidhar Mahanta Deputy Secretary

NGE (A, B & C

15 Mr. Ratikanta Panda, OAS-1(JB) Officer-On-Special Duty

e-Governance, Registration and e-Governance PMU

16 Mr. P. K. Behera IAO-cumUnder Secretary

Budget (A & B), F.A. Cell And  Audit

17 Mr. Panduram Singh Under Secretary

Co-ordination (A&B) and RTI Cell

18 Smt. Laxmi Mallik Under Secretary

ISB&DR and R&R

19 Mr. Birendra Kumar Bhitria Under Secretary

Registration, Disciplinary Proceeding and OE(A)

20 Mr. Prabin Kumar Chakra Under Secretary


21 Mr. Satyabrata Mishra Under Secretary

MM&S, DILRMP, e-Governance and e-Governance PMU

22 Shri Brundaban Chandra Pattnaik Under Secretary

L.R.(A & B), Special Cell

23 Mr. Bijaya Kumar Mallik Under Secretary


24 Smt. Bharati Nayak Under Secretary

LA (A, B &C) & LR&GE(C)