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Who's Who

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Who's Who

Sr. No. Title Designation Jobs Allotted
1 Mr. Satyabrata Sahu, IAS Additional Chief Secretary

Overall Supervision Of The Department

2 Mr. Shubham Saxena, IAS Director

Directorate of Minor Mineral

3 Mr. Sashadhar Nayak, IAS Additional Secretary

DILRMP, Co-ordination (A), R&R, Census, RTI, Special Cell, CH&S, LR (A & B), ISB&DR, Legal Cell, DP and Nodal Officer, ORTPS

4 Smt. Madhusmita Sahoo, IAS Joint Secretary

LA(B), REM, Registration, Co-ordination(B) - e-Abhijoga

5 Ms. Susamarani Devi, IAS Additional Secretary

NGE (A, B & C)

6 Trilochan Majhi, OAS (SS) Special Secretary

GOE (A & B), LA(C), Confidential & e-Governance

7 Mr. Avaya Kumar Nayak, OAS (SS) Special Secretary

LR&GE (A, B & C), LA (A&C) and Minor Mineral & Sairat

8 Smt. Kasturi Pradhan, OFS (SSG) F.A.-cum-Special Secretary

Accounts (A&b) With Cash Unit, Audit Cell, Budget (A&b) And Fa Cell

9 Mr. Amiya Kumar Sahoo, OAS (SAG) Additional Secretary

DILRMP, CH&S, Disciplinary Proceeding and Minor Mineral & Sairat

10 Smt. Ranjita Rath, OSS Additional Secretary

Legal Cell, RTI and First Appellate Authority  

11 Ms. Debajani Dhal, OAS (SAG) Additional Secretary


12 Mr. Prakash Chandra Barik Joint Secretary

Co-Ordination (A & B), RTI And First Appellate Authority

13 Smt. Ellora Samal, OAS(S) Joint Secretary

LA (A, B &C) And LR&GE (A & B) and All Inter Departmental Meeting Related To LA, CCI-PMG, Pragati, SPMG

14 Mrs. Rajalaxmi Nayak AFA-cum-Deputy Secretary

Budget (A & B), F.A. Cell And  Audit

15 Mr. Dharanidhar Mahanta Deputy Secretary

NGE (A, B & C

16 Mr. Ratikanta Panda, OAS (SB) Officer-On-Special Duty

e-Governance, Registration and e-Governance PMU

17 Mr. Manoj Kumar Das DDO-cum-Deputy Secretary

Accounts & Co-ordination (B)

18 Mr. Pravakar Sahoo Deputy Secretary


19 Mr. P. K. Behera IAO-cumUnder Secretary

Budget (A & B), F.A. Cell And  Audit

20 Mr. Panduram Singh Under Secretary

RTI Cell

21 Smt. Laxmi Mallik Under Secretary

ISB&DR and R&R

22 Mr. Birendra Kumar Bhitria Under Secretary

Disciplinary Proceeding and OE(A)

23 Mr. Prabin Kumar Chakra Under Secretary

Confidential & Co-ordination (A & B)

24 Mr. Satyabrata Mishra Under Secretary

MM&S, DILRMP, e-Governance and e-Governance PMU

25 Mr. Brundaban Chandra Pattnaik Under Secretary

L.R.(A & B), Special Cell

26 Mr. Biswajit Satpathy Under Secretary

LA (A) and Minor Mineral & Sairat

27 Mr. Bijaya Kumar Mallik Under Secretary


28 Mr. Aswini Kumar Sarangi Under Secretary
29 Mr. Jyotiranjan Nanda Under Secretary

Legal Cell and LA-C