Important Letters & Executive Instructions
Date Number Subject
24.08.2017  CON-R-25/2017-28139/R&DM Closure of Revenue and DM Department Control Room.
12.10.2011 Ag-36/11-42285/R&DM Creation of posts of  Additional Land Commissioners.
14.07.2011 No. OE (A)-II-69/11 (Pt)-29762/R&DM Strict LR Cell abolished and merged with LR (B) Branch.
28.06.2011 No-27635/CSR&DM Availability of the field revenue officials at their respective Headquarters.
19.05.2009 No-Lit-13/09-19953/R&DM Strict observance of the recommendation of the Hon’ble Lokpal, Orissa passed in Lokpal Case No.112-A of 2004-Baghambar Pattnaik –Vrs- Collector, Puri.
18.11.2008 No-OE (A)-II-115/08-48609/R&DM Change of designation of Junior Assistants & Senior Assistants as Assistant Section Officers and S.O.Lev-II & S.O.Lev-I as Section Officers and Desk Officers , respectively.
03.05.2008 No. OE (A)-II-71/07-20075/R&DM Merger of Relief A and Relief B Section.
09.04.2008 No. DRC-07/08-16568/R&DM Abolition of Posts of Charge Officers/Consolidation Officers and creation of Posts of Additional Sub-Collectors.
01.02.2007 No. CON.AR.13/07-293/R(CS) Timely Recording of Performance Appraisal Report (PAR) of OAS II Officers.
07.06.2006 No. RB-12/05- 12544 /Ser II Renaming of Revenue Department as "Revenue and Disaster Management Department"
05.06.2006 No. RB-12/05-12355/Ser II. Amendment of name of Revenue Department.
03.06.2006 No.GE (GL)-S-01/06-21097/R Allotment of homestead land to orphans and physically challenged individuals who leave the Government supported orphanages and special schools on reaching the age of 18 in case of boys and 25 in case of girls.
11.03.2005 No. Stamp 14/05-11215/R Collection of actual market value of properties for fixation of Bench Mark Value.