Sairat Sources
Date Letter Number Subject
21.07.17 RDM-LRGEC-POLICY-0001-2016-23932

Notification of Odisha Minor Minerals Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2017.

29.07.16 LRGE-MM-16/2016-23589

Corrigendum to the instructions regarding grant of permit of minor minerals under OMMC Rules, 2004, issued vide this Department Letter No. 22483 dated 21.07.2016.

21.07.16 MM-16/2016-22483

Instructions regarding grant of Permit of minor minerals under OMMC Rules 2004.

18.07.16 MM-43/2015-21930

Operationalisation of minor mineral / Sairat sources.

18.01.16 MM-78/2015-1841

Environmental clearance for minor mineral sources.

04.01.16 MM-78/2015-135

Environment clearance for minor mineral sources: filling of online applications regarding.

21.12.15 MM-46/2015-35465

Operationalisation of minor mineral sources and grant of quarry permit to maintain uninterrupted supply of minor minerals for development projects..

17.06.15 RDM-LRGEC-MEET-0002-2014-17523

Notification on authorized officers for approval of mining plan for quarry leases and ceiling of fees chargeable by the Registered Qualified Persons (RQPs).

20.09.13 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-35996

Clarification regarding collection of 25% of bid amount, royalty and surface rent.



Settlement of Sairat sources (Minor Minerals) for an area of less than 05 hectares for the year 2013-14.

28.05.13 MM(Meeting)-25/13-20234/R&DM

Settlement of Sairat sources (Minor Minerals) for an area of less than 05 hectares on the basis of long term lease.

02.02.13 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-3819
10.12.12 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-53276
17.11.12 RDM-LRGEC-CLRFIC-0004-2012-50361
21.06.11 MM-17/11(Pt)-26478/R&DM
25.01.11 MM-63/10(Pt)-4123/CSR&DM
07.04.09 MM-11/09-15827/R&DM
25.11.08 MM-58/07(Pt.II)-49695/R&DM